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Varun Batra: Will next Valorant agent be an Indian

Riot Games may have been dropping hints about the upcoming addition of a new Indian agent for Valorant in the Range during the Valorant PBE 5.03 test.

The game’s creators have ensured that it features a diverse cast of Valorant agents, each of which represents a different cultural background and helps to promote diversity in the workplace.

The first-person shooter multiplayer game that features five-on-five matchups has gained widespread popularity and critical acclaim throughout the world. It goes without saying that it has won over a number of followers in India as well.

Varun Batra Valorant

On July 29, 2022, the new version 5.03 of the PBE was made available. Almost immediately after that, a Valorant Dataminer by the name of Floaxy posted a tantalizing screenshot of an email from Fade. The warning was about the Range in the PBE 5.03 software.

The email serves as an in-game interactive object that expands upon the lore of the game and provides a preview of the stuff that will be released in the near future. In a similar vein, it appears that this email is dropping hints about a new agent with Indian ancestry named Varun Batra.

Varun Batra, the “Legion’s new power source,” is mentioned in an email from Fade and could enter the game as a new agent. Legion is a public operation that originates from Omega Earth, and Fade has gathered some information about their newest recruit. It was disclosed by the Turkish initiator that Varun had previously worked for REALM.

In the email, Fade described REALM as “a international task force retrieving historical artifacts from the black market trade.” REALM also includes members from other countries. However, she has some reservations about Legion employing a specialist in antiques, and she expresses these reservations in her email.

This may provide a clue about the next Omega Earth agent to appear.

The addition of a new agent who makes references to Indian Vedic mythology will make it easier for Indian fans to connect with the game, which will result in the game’s playerbase growing even larger. On the other hand, it will be fascinating to observe how the designers at Riot Games will infuse the character’s design with authenticity.

In the past, Riot has recruited a number of players from Asia, including players such as Jett, Sage, Yoru, and Neon. Following in the footsteps of that ruling, the advent of the Indian agent will mark the addition of the fifth Asian to the cast of characters.

Regarding the new employee, no other information has been provided up until this point. If the rumors turn out to be genuine, then the Indian agent might make their entrance into the game very soon.

Having said that, as we get closer to the end of Act 1, we will find out more specifics about the situation.

As soon as patch 5.03 is made available to players, they will be able to access The Range as well as the email regarding the Indian Valorant agent. In the meantime, they can take pleasure in leveling up their battlepass in Act 1 of Episode 5.

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