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Amouranth and BrookeAB shares experience with stalkers

Amouranth and BrookeAB are two extremely well known Twitch streamers, the former being just shy of the mark for the most followed female Twitch streamer and the later being a prominent content creator/gamer for one of the biggest esports organizations, namely 100 Thieves.

Both streamers boast massive fan following which may look great on paper but comes with its fair share of troubles as both of them had to face the serious problem that has been plaguing not just Twitch but IRL as well. Stalkers!, Amouranth and BrookeAB came across stalkers that made their lives miserable. The pair shared their terrible experiences and how they dealt with them.

β€œIn live streams, they see into your home, into your bedroom, and it feels very personal with them,” β€œI think that is what contributes to a lot of the stalking: They feel like they know you.” says Amouranth.

BrookeAB also explained that she once faced a stalker that threated to light her house on fire which rattled her to the point that she had to cancel her Coachella trip just to be safe.

These incidents are a fraction of a fraction of what women on Twitch as well as IRL are facing on a daily basis. Several streamers have reported getting doxed and later stalked to the point that makes their life miserable, despite their best attempts to keep their personal details kept away from the world.

We urge everyone to speak up when any such activity happen in your sight as it may stop something more dangerous right in its track.

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