Valve have come out with further clarifications on their previous post that addressed ownership and conflict of interest as regards to teams.

Valve have now stated that any team participating in Majors in 2020 and their players will have to disclose all partnerships and business relationships with other teams/ players and/or the Tournament Organizer, if there are any.

This, according to Valve, is to collect more information regarding the value these relationships add to the ecosystem versus the risk it poses to the same.

A direct example of the same could be given in the form of Astralis, who were owned by RFRSH up until recently. RFRSH are the ones behind the Blast Pro circuit and the community/fans had raised concerns over the Danish roster’s prioritisation of the Blast Pro events over other major events with better prize pools and better team lists.

To sum it up, for now, Valve have prohibited a single Company from owning multiple CSGO teams and while they have revealed the intent of transparency as aforementioned, Tournament Organisers have not been prohibited from owning a CSGO team.