VCT Stage 3 NA Challengers 1: All you need to know

vct stage 3

The open qualifier event for Valorant Champions Tour’s Stage 3 Challengers 1 in North America has concluded and we have our top 8 teams from the qualifier who have progressed onto the Challengers 1 event, scheduled to be held from July.


  • Sentinels 
  • XSET
  • Team Envy
  • 100 Thieves
  • Version1 
  • Gen.G Esports
  • Rise
  • Pioneers

The VCT open qualifier in North America saw a couple of S-tier teams that were unable to qualify for the next stage as the former is deemed to be brutal, featuring back-to-back matches right from the Round of 128. Cloud9 Blue, TSM.FTX, T1, and FaZe Clan were among those who weren’t able to progress through their brackets despite having top-notch squads. Teams like Rise, Pioneers surprisingly rose to dominance and eventually qualified for the Challengers in just one flawless attempt. 

The North American Challengers 1 event is set to kick off today with the fixtures already been determined by the event organizer and are as follows:

  • Version1 Vs 100 Thieves: Tonight, 2:30 IST
  • Team Envy Vs Pioneers: Tonight, 2:30 IST
  • XSET Vs Rise: Tonight, 2:30 IST
  • Sentinels Vs Gen.G Esports: Tonight, 2:30 IST

The broadcast schedule for Challengers 1 has been revealed by the event organizer on Twitter.

You can catch the action live on Valorant’s Twitch and YouTube channels.




  • Thursday, 8th July > Upper Bracket Quarterfinals along with Lower Bracket Round 1
  • Friday, 9th July > Upper Bracket Semi-Finals along with Lower Bracket Round 2
  • Saturday, 10th July  > The Upper Bracket Final, Lower Bracket Round 3, and the Lower Bracket Final
  • Sunday, 11th > Grand FinaleTeams would engage in a double-elimination bracket with the top 4 teams to advance on to the Challengers playoffs while those eliminated would need to play a Challengers 2 event.

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