Global Esports Tournament Among Students: How University Perceives This?

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The world of technology has advanced over the years as more people are coming up with unique tech things in different areas. Students get help with college papers online at essay writing services like, sports have turned to esports, conservative banking has been replaced by digital currency, and so on. Electronic sports are also known as e-sports, Esports, or eSports is where a tournament is held and people use video games to compete. Unlike the past years when video game tournaments were played by nonprofessionals, the organization of the tournaments has seen professional gamers joining in. 

With the use of live streams during these competitions, the viewership has increased, and it has become very popular. Streaming is a very crucial part of experienced gamers. The salary of a gamer is time and again placed on how they perform. But, not all expert players can reach the top level of their particular domain. These tournaments have gone outside the house and have spread to pitches and stadia that have been filled with hundreds and thousands of enthusiastic supporters. Several game creators aggressively come up with designs for the competition and also fund the events.

People who are not familiar with eSport will probably not comprehend the advantages of such a project. 

Benefits of introducing esport in College

Listed down below are just some benefits of starting eSport in colleges:

  • Old-fashioned sports games saw players being discriminated against based on their physical characteristics, and sex or compelled students to qualify for the team to play. But eSport is open to anyone who wants to participate or improve their skills with competitors with equal capabilities. This brings the sense of equality of opportunities, diversification, and integration.
  • The objectives of the game can only be achieved by collaboration and administration.
  • Esport can be the foundation of professions such as event managers, journalists, influencers, or proficient gaming icons.
  • It gives an exposure to students who do science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). They are shown the supporting technologies that steer their preferred games, motivating future peer groups of computer programmers, sound editors, software inventors. In the art section, they can learn about digital illustration, animation, music composition, and so on.
  • The graduation rates for students who play eSport are higher, they attend classes regularly, score high in math and reading, attentive in class and sharper, better-developed education objectives, are not prone to using drugs, and their confidence is boosted.  
  • It is not only the players that are looked at in terms of jobs but also the people giving support to the players such as trainers, commentators, and casters. This will create additional job opportunities in esports.
  • Doing something you love and getting paid for it is what most people envision and esport offers this.

When it was just starting, there was a section in the library where students could practice. A lot of universities are now providing amenities for online video competitions. Taking part in such competitions can help students build their critical assessment skills, foster collaboration, and invention, and support self-controlled education. This was an observation made by Jeanne Weber, who is a senior higher education strategist at Dell Technologies.

One of the most important reasons why university directors are thinking of including eSport is student enrollment. In the future, more students will look at esport as a key metric when selecting a college. Todd Harris, president of eSport production company “Skillshot Media” noted that so far, 15 states acknowledge eSport as a senior school varsity game.


Finally, after years of playing video games till the wee hours of the morning can pay off! On top of it being fun and games, a video game enthusiast can now get a scholarship. Electronic sports scholarships are being offered by some universities and students are rewarded for playing. 

Tespa, in 2017 Blizzard Entertainment’s university eSport department revealed its current project of providing scholarships and awards for university eSport fraternities contesting in its events. The amount set for this is one million US dollars. Columbia College, Robert Morris University, and Indiana Institute of Technology are some of the colleges that have participated in this program. Harrisburg University of Science and Technology started an education scholarship project for esport gamers in 2018.

The universities that offer eSport scholarships are:

  • Ashland University
  • Boise State University 
  • Columbia college
  • Hawaii Pacific University
  • Kent State University
  • Miami University 
  • Robert Morris University
  • Schreiner University 
  • University of Akron
  • University of Pikeville
  • University of Utah
  • University of California-Berkeley
  • University of California-Irvine
  • Western Kentucky University
  • West Virginia Wesleyan College

Even though these scholarships have experienced huge growth recently, these scholarships started around 2014. Robert Morris University was the first university to give significant scholarships. Experienced players got scholarships that were equal to 50% tuition fee and 50% accommodation when they launched the eSport League of Legends team.

A lot of the gamers are men, despite the scholarships being co-ed. The National Association of Collegiate Esports has over 31 scholarship-funded. This was the first women’s university to fund a college team and give scholarships for women. The list permits up to 12 female video gamers. They get part scholarships.

What is In Store for the Future?

Pro leagues and tournaments are offering multi-million dollar incentives. The electronic sport includes different types of games across numerous gaming podiums. The enterprise is not about playing football and golf virtually. This has attracted many clients across the globe, allowing electronic sports teams, partnerships, and game originators to create worldwide groups and networks.

There is more to electronic sports than just gaming. People team up and work out a problem. This creates a powerful bond between players. More colleges are offering esports scholarships as a way of attracting students, and have dedicated places where they can play their video games. 

Since this is mostly a male-dominated area, there are scholarships targeting females only to encourage women to participate. This can be the beginning of their different career as eSport in different fields such as influencer, event organizer, or even a professional big shot.

So next time you come across video game players, just know that they could just be playing and having fun and at the same time making money.

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