VCT Stage 2 Masters Reykjavik Day 2 Recap

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The second day of Valorant Championship Tour 2021: Stage 2 Masters – Reykjavik hosted 3 best-of-three matches. The winners have advanced to the upper bracket semi finals and the losers have been relegated to the lower brackets. With $600,000 on the line, teams are putting up a formidable show for the viewers. 

Team Vikings 2-0 X10 Esports

The day began with the first match-up between Team Vikings and X10 Esports. Although the encounter concluded within the initial two maps, the battle between the two wasn’t easy-peasy for either side. 

Either map was played till the last round. The Vikings won Icebox 13-11 while the second map went into overtime. However, they won Ascent as well 14-12. Sacy and sutecas were the frontrunners for Team Vikings throughout the match-up.

Team Vikings won the match-up 2-0 and advanced to the upper bracket semi-finals. They will compete against Fnatic on day three. On the other hand, X10 Esports has been relegated to the lower brackets to face-off against Crazy Raccoon from Japan on day three as well.

Team Liquid 1-2 Version1

In the second match of the day, Team Liquid faced off against Version1. Split being the latter’s pick, the Europeans secured a 10-5 lead but Version1 bagged seven rounds on the trot to secure map-point. The game was dragged till the third overtime when Team Liquid won two consecutive rounds to secure the map 16-14.

After losing its map pick, Version1 secured the second map 13-11. The encounter tied 1-1 as Version1 triumphed on Ascent. Then came the decider – Haven. Zellsis wreaked havoc on their opponents with Killjoy. He also had a couple of 1vs2 clutches as well. His side won the third map 13-4.

In the upper bracket semifinals, Version1 will be facing NUTURN Gaming from South Korea in the upcoming days. Team Liquid is relegated to the lower brackets.

Sentinels 2-0 Fnatic

The final match of the day was indeed a blockbuster. Fnatic picked Icebox and Sentinels went ahead with Haven. North Americans won the encounter 2-0 with TenZ almost scoring 50 frags across two maps. He played Jett and Reyna respectively.

The first half of Icebox tied 6-6 but Sentinels went off to a fantastic start in the second half to take an 11-5 lead. Fnatic also secured five rounds to tie the scoreboard at 11-11 but the Sentinels won two successive rounds and won the first map 13-11.

The second map was a nail-biting back and forth encounter. Sentinels won Haven 13-10 after taking the 8-4 lead in the first half. The Sentinels will play against the Vikings on the third day. 

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