MLT Esports vs Revenant Esports: A nail-biting match in VCL SA Split 2

MLT Esports vs Revenant

MLT Esports and Revenant Esports had three neck-to-neck maps between them, where Revenant performed a reverse sweep, winning 2-1 after being one map down.

This marked the banger entry of Revenant in Split 2 of VCL SA after they replaced Lethal Esports in the slots

MLT Esports Roster and Lineup

The roster of MLT Esports consisted of Atharv “Rio” Ahire as the IGL, Abhay “KnightRider” Mulchandani, Jay “BADlove” Patil, Venkatesh “Venka” Sharma, and Saharyar “BadmaN” Shaikh. They had a new player join them for Split 2; Shubham “CortezZ” Chhatre.

Revenant Esports Roster and Lineup

The roster of Revenant Esports consisted of Tejas ‘rite2ace’ Sawant as the IGL, Joshua “JoshS” Miles Santos, Enrico “Ching” Perez, Kasif “Paradox” Sayyed, Shailesh “blackhawk” Dalvi and Sahil “1TaPGoD” Duble (Sub).

This would be the first time this roster will be playing an official tournament.

Map Veto and Selection

Revenant went ahead to ban Pearl and MLT banned Lotus. Revenant picked Bind and MLT picked Split. Ascent and Haven were banned respectively, with Fracture as the final map.

Match Recap

RNT won the pistol round on Split as well as a flawless anti-eco. The bonus was also won by RNT as Ching got a mindblowing quad-kill. Ching got a quad-kill round 4 again, with RNT going 4-0. Round 6 was the first win by MLT, and that too a flawless Thrifty win. Round 9 saw a quad kill by Knightrider, but Blackhawk managed to perform a ninja defuse, bringing the score up to 7-2. Round 12 saw a 4k Clutch by Rio, as he killed three opponents as the last man standing, finishing the half at 5-7.

RNT managed to win the second pistol as well, owing to Paradox’s quad kill on Raze. But MLT managed to turn their eco round into a thrifty win. Further, the rounds went very close till 10-9. Round 23 saw an almost 2 hp clutch by Ching in a 1v3 but couldn’t convert, bringing the score to 12-11. MLT managed to bring the map to Overtime where they won the first round but RNT equalized the score again, pushing it into a second Overtime. Paradox amazingly got 2 satchel kills in Round 27 to lead 14-13, but knightrider’s triple kill equalized the score at 14-14 again. MLT managed to win this Overtime at 16-14, coming back from 12-9 down.

Bind saw another pistol win by RNT, as Josh got a triple kill, as well as anti-eco They managed to win the bonus round as well, leading 3-0. RNT maintained their dominance at 8-0 when Knightrider won MLT their first round by winning a 1v3 clutch as a Sage. Round 10 was again won by RNT with a 4k by Paradox. RNT dominated the half with a 9-3 lead on their map pick.

RNT won the second pistol again. MLT forced their buy the next round but lost it, although they won the next round which was supposed to be their actual full buy round, making the score 11-4. MLT won 7 rounds in a row to close the gap to RNT at 10-11. Round 22 was very chaotic, as RNT managed to do a ninja defuse the spike to convert a thrifty win for them, and finally won 13-11 from MLT after almost overthrowing a 9-3 lead.

On Fracture, RNT managed to win the fifth pistol round in a row, as JoshS managed to get a quad kill, as well as the anti-eco. They lost the bonus round but managed to win the next round. The score equalized at 4-4 when Ching got a triple kill to win the 9th round. MLT managed to close the half at a balanced score of 6-6.

MLT won their first pistol round today, as well as their first anti-eco round. MLT managed to win the bonus round as well, giving them the lead of 9-6. Round 16 was a thrifty win by RNT, breaking MLT’s momentum. Paradox got a triple kill in round 17, bringing the score to 8-9, and equalized the score the next round. Round 23 was a half-buy win by RNT to bring the score to 12-11. RNT managed to win the third map at 13-11 with a 1 vs 3 clutch played by Rite2ace.

Paradox was the match MVP as he had a KDA of 67/55/12 on 3 maps.

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