PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass Season 48: Price, Rewards, and More

PUBG Mobile Lite Season 48 Rewards

PUBG Mobile Lite fans, the Winner Pass Season 48 is finally here. With exciting rewards spread across five levels and two separate tracks (free and Elite), players can progress through the levels by completing Daily and Challenge Missions. In this season, the Elite upgrade costs 280 BC, and players receive the entire premium currency back upon completing the pass. On the other hand, the Elite Upgrade Plus costs 800 BC and offers ten additional ranks upfront, but players can only choose one per season, and changing it later is not possible.

The PUBG Mobile Lite Season 48 Winner Pass commenced on May 1, 2023, and players can access it until May 31, 2023. The pass offers a range of exciting cosmetics for players to collect as they reach Level 50.

The free track offers comparatively fewer rewards than the Elite track, but some of the most important rewards available in Season 48 of the PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass include:

  • Rank 1: Jade Mysteries Set, Masked Crusader, and WP Supply Voucher (Season 48) (30 BC)
  • Rank 2: Season Portable Closet
  • Rank 3: 20 BC
  • Rank 5: Jade Mysteries Headgear and Legendary Warrior Avatar Frame
  • Rank 7: Premier Outfit Coupon and 1000 BP
  • Rank 8: 20 BC
  • Rank 10: 65 Silver and Legendary Warrior Cover
  • Rank 12: 2x BP Card 1-Hour and Parachute Trail (Yellow)
  • Rank 13: 20 BC
  • Rank 15: Tiger’s Roar Parachute and Tin Soldier Suit
  • Rank 17: Mission Card (Season 48) and 100x Silver
  • Rank 18: 20 BC
  • Rank 20: Great Indian Warrior Headpiece and Ancient Beast UMP45
  • Rank 22: WP Gold Crate
  • Rank 23: 20 BC
  • Rank 25: 2x EXP Card 1-Hour, Deadly Sickle, and Premier Outfit Coupon
  • Rank 27: 100 Silver
  • Rank 28: 20 BC
  • Rank 30: Tin Soldier Mask and Persian Warrior Backpack
  • Rank 32: 20 BC
  • Rank 34: 20 BC
  • Rank 35: Persian Warrior Helmet
  • Rank 37: 20 BC
  • Rank 39: 20 BC
  • Rank 40: Aurous Elegance Groza
  • Rank 42: 20 BC
  • Rank 44: 20 BC
  • Rank 45: Legendary Warrior Set
  • Rank 47: 20 BC
  • Rank 49: 20 BC
  • Rank 50: Great Indian Warrior Set and Lady Butterfly Motorcycle

Apart from completing missions, players can purchase ranks for the PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass using BC. Each rank costs 100 BC.

In conclusion, the PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass Season 48 offers a range of exciting rewards for players to collect. Whether you choose the free or Elite track, completing missions and purchasing ranks using BC can help you progress through the levels and receive rewards. Don’t miss the chance to collect all the items before May 31, 2023.

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