Aster Army Qualifies for VCL SA Playoffs After Winning 2-1 Against Godlike

Aster Army vs Godlike

GodLike ended their journey in Split 2 of VCL as Aster Army won 2-1, paving their path for Split 2 again.

Aster Army Roster and Lineup

The Aster Army roster consists of Hrishikesh “DominiK” Khedkar as IGL, Soumyadeep “DOXZ3R” Dey, Ngô “Kishi” Huy, Pranav “Kohliii” Kohli, Lee “Wink” Zhen Yong and Sami “SSSami” Ar Rahman (Sub).

Godlike Esports Roster and Lineup

The roster of Godlike Esports consisted of Tejas “Rexy” Kotian as the IGL, Norbu “Karam1L” Tsering, Jayesh “Kibo” Negi, Shakir “hikkA” Razak, Franz “Astro” del Rosario and Jude Patrick “Zey” Gunhuran. 

Map Veto and Selection

Aster Army banned Lotus and GodLike banned Split. Aster Army picked Haven and GodLike picked Ascent. Aster Army then banned Fracture and GodLike banned Bind. Pearl remained on the last map.

Match Recap

GDL won the pistol round on Haven along with the anti-eco round. They lost the bonus round but then won 3 rounds in a row to lead 5-1. AA won 3 rounds to bring the score close to 4-5. GDL finished the half at 7-5 to their advantage.

AA won the second pistol as well as the anti-eco round to equalize the score at 7-7. They won the bonus round as well, owing to Aduka’s amazing entry fragging. AA won 4 rounds in a row to finally lead 9-7. AA managed to finish the map at 13-10.

Ascent started with GDL winning the pistol round and anti-eco round owing to Karam1l’s quad kill. GDL managed to win the bonus round and the consecutive round to go 4-0. Kohli won a 1v2 in round 5 to win the first round for AA in round 5. Kishi got a quad kill in Round 6. GDL managed to close out the half at 9-3. 

AA won the pistol round but lost their anti-eco as GDL won a thrifty round. GDL continuously won the rounds to close the map 13-4.

Pearl started with GDL getting the pistol to win as Astro got a triple kill. AA won their full buy round and the next round to equalize the score at 2-2. Round 7 was an amazing one from the side of Marzil as he got a quad kill on the attacking side with his Operator. GDL finally ended AA’s 5-round streak as Zey got a triple kill. Round 10 was an amazing clutch by Kohli as he defended the spike defuse from 3 opponents. GDL finished the half at 5-7. 

GDL won the pistol again, owing to Astro’s quad kill. AA won the anti-eco round as Kishi got a quad kill from Karam1l’s spectre. Round 18 was the end of the winning streak of AA as GDL won a 2v3 defuse defense to bring the score to 7-11. AA finished the series at 13-7 as they took the 3rd map.

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