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Gamer Legion outlast Heroic to reach the final of Blast.tv Paris CSGO Major

Gamer Legion having made it this far in the tournament turned every head in the CSGO community. A true underdog against the likes of Heroic but unfazed by the pressure of the stage, they came into the match ready to fight for a Grand Finals spot.

Match Details

  • Gamer Legion Vs Heroic
  • Match Type: Best of 3, LAN 
  • Semi Final, Blast.tv Paris Major.

Map Veto

  • GL ban Anubis
  • Heroic ban Overpass
  • GL pick Ancient
  • Heroic pick Inferno
  • GL ban Nuke
  • Heroic ban Inferno
  • Overpass was left over

Map 1: Ancient (Pick: GL, Winner: Heroic, Final Score: 16-13)

Heroic started off strong going 3-0 up off the back of a pistol round victory but their defence fell flat on the face of the proactive version of Counter-Strike that GL brought to the table. Round after round, GL were fearless in taking duels and Heroic was clearly suffering. isak stood out with the most opening kills for GL on their T side which help them put together a string of rounds to end the half 10-5 in favour of GL.

GL entering their defence with a 5-round lead suddenly looked lost as Heroic gave them a taste of their own medicine. The Danish team won 8 rounds in a row surpassing GL’s lead before they could post a round of their own. Heroic did not let more than 3 rounds slip off the back of a fearsome T side and successfully posted a comeback with a 16-13 final score.

Map 2: Inferno (Pick: Heroic, Winner: GL, Final Score: 16-14)

Gamer Legion despite having shown vulnerability in Overpass showed a respectable defence. Despite losing out some rounds early into the game, they founder their footing and put together a few rounds before the first half ended. Heroic managed to cut it close but GL’s mid-round calls were on point on more than one occasion that found them getting up a healthy 3-round lead before switching sides.

The second half was a much closer affair as both teams traded rounds until the very end. Heroic at one point looked to be running away with it but GL stood strong and managed to outlast them with all 15 rounds coming into play. GL cut it close but won the battle of resilience against a side more experienced on stages like this and won the map 16-14.

Map 3: Mirage (Pick: Decider, Winner: GL: Final Score: 16-6)

Both teams having won each other’s map pick looked too close for the final to be a one-sided affair, especially with a Grand Finals spot on the line. GL were able to channel their relentless and aggressive T side from Ancient and Heroic found their backs against the wall. iM, touted to be the best rifler in the tournament alongside stavn opened up the map with 6 OPKs and the highest ADR as Heroic only managed to post 5 rounds on their defence.

Heroic showed they can come back previously in this match but GL were in no mood to repeat the same. Their sharp individuals managed to win most of the duels before Heroic could even get the bomb down. Out of the seven rounds played, Heroic managed to get the bomb down on no more than two rounds which shows the defensive dominance of GL. jabbi catching 3 GL players off guard got the only for Heroic in the second half but a closure followed suit as GL thrashed them with a 16-6 scoreline.

Despite coming into the game as underdogs, Gamer Legion won the battle of resilience that Heroic would think they have an edge on. With an incredible series played between two top sides in the final CSGO major, Gamer Legion finds themselves in the Grand Finals of the Blast.tv Paris CSGO Major.

Gamer Legion will play against Vitality/Apeks at 20:30 PM IST tomorrow.

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