valorant white screen

The massive Valorant update introducing the third Act of the competitive shooter brought in a lot of changes, but everything didn’t seem to go as smoothly as one might have thought.

Alongside the update, a number of annoying bugs have made their way into the game. While Riot is generally swift to patch out these bugs, players experiencing these problems may have to wait till these are fixed.

Soon after the Act 3 update was introduced to Valorant, players started reporting the ‘White Screen error’ while attempting to play the FPS title.

What is the ‘White Screen’ error?

The white screen error is an annoying bug that can disrupt your gameplay while you’re in the middle of matches. It makes your screen white and while you can still hear audio from in-game, you can’t really do anything other than listening. Players are often forced to reboot their PC and even after they rejoin a game, the error happens again after a short while.

Is there a fix?

Currently, no proper fix is known for the white screen error. You may try the general steps like reinstalling the game, we can’t guarantee that it’ll definitely work. Your best bet here is to wait for Riot to patch this bug out themselves, and it’s likely that it won’t take them long to fix this problem. Till then, you can play deathmatch or spike rush modes where you won’t get penalized as heavily for quitting mid-game.

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