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Valorant: Weapon Buffs set in motion the Ares Meta

The most anticipated Episode 4 Act 1 update is finally here in Valorant which brings the most awaited agent, Neon along with a plethora of cosmetic content included in the Battlepass and a brand new skin bundle, Protocol 781-A. Along with the said content, we can notice diversity in the patch notes, highlighting changes to the weaponry closet and much more.

Players while grinding out the in the current Episode have reportedly populated the use of Ares, making the “Ares Meta” to come in effect after just 12 hours since the release of the major update.

The patch of Episode 4 Act 1 saw significant improvements being implemented for the Ares weapon, with its spin-up removed, and its fire rate increased from 10 to 13. The main reason the weapon is now being used is that its time to kill has dramatically decreased as it no longer needs to spin up before firing. The weapon’s increased fire rate also gives the user an upper hand over their opposition to counter those who use the duo of Phantom and Vandal.

Ares has undoubtedly been deemed as the deadliest weapon ever since its buff as players can constantly spam angles which are sometimes too tough to clear off. It has a 50-bullet drum and high wall penetration which can easily take down targets hiding behind walls. Ares can also be the best weapon fit for an anti-eco round, at just 1550 Credits, you may turn the odds on your side. 

Pranav Nalawade
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