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Valorant Streamer Murmaider Forced to Quit After Being Harassed by Players In Game

Toxicity is not a new thing in the world of online video games. And Riot’s competitive shooter Valorant is no stranger to toxicity either. While the Valorant developers have certainly gone an extra mile to curb the in-game toxicity, incidents of players like Murmaider being harassed in-game due to their lack of skill or for several other reasons are still seen surfacing quite frequently.

This time, popular Spanish Twitch streamer and Valorant player Murmaider has fallen victim to some serious in-game toxicity and harassment, as she reveals through a video capturing the incident.

The streamer was playing a game of competitive Valorant when she was repeatedly harassed by her teammates in the game chat. The harassment escalated to such an extent that Murmaider was forced to quit the game after she was done reporting the harassers. She later resorted to Twitter to share the story with her fans.

Following the incident, renowned Valorant pro ‘Mixwell’ came forward to Murmaider’s support. “It’s unfortunate, I hope they get the ban they deserve,” the G2 star said.

While Riot had mentioned that they’re working to bring a better environment to Valorant, the only thing players can do now to curb in-game toxicity is to report players who they find harassing others during a game.

Riot has assured Murmaider that suitable action will be taken against the harassers.

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