Photo: G2

G2 Esports has announced Oscar “Mixwell” Cañellas as its first professional Valorantplayer. The game’s increasing popularity is catching the attention of every Esports organization, even though it’s just only been a week and a half since its launch. G2 will be joining other teams such as Cloud9, 100 Thieves, that have also announced pro players for their Valorant side.

Following this announcement, Oscar did state:

G2’s history shows that they are competitive in every game they’ve been part of and their content is also top, most of my fans are also G2 fans so it makes even more sense for me. The goal is to be the best VALORANT team in the world and I want to be the best player in the game, have fun representing the fans around the world, and I am sure we can do it together.

Mixwell has been one of the most skilled Spanish players in the competitive scene of Counter Strike : Global Offensive. While playing the same, he has represented a plethora of prestigious organizations like OpTic Gaming, G2 Esports, Movistar riders and Cloud9 where the latter was released after the NA organization decided to sign the ATK roster before trading majority of their players to Gen.G Esports.

Since the launch of Valorant, the 24-year-old Spaniard has been grinding in the game to it’s core. Mixwell has proved himself to be one of the top contenders in Valorant having recently won the Twitch Rivals: Valorant Launch Showdown — Europe No. 1.  Previously in March 2018, Mixwell was picked by the French side to represent their CS:GO roster but things didn’t seem to work out after he was allowed to seek new opportunities.

In a statement, G2 Esports’s CEO Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez said,

VALORANT really is an amazing game I enjoy both playing and watching. G2 will have a World Championship winning team and it all starts with Mixwell. Many top organizations fought hard for him and we are delighted he’s put so much trust into letting us build a killer lineup alongside him. Now you mfers stop poaching him already.

As of now Mixwell is the lone player signed by the French side where the latter has decided to build a roster around him and enter the pro scene of Valorant with a blast. Mixwell did bid farewell to CS:GO on his twitter and he is really looking forward to lay his dominance in his new journey with G2.