Hiko joins 100 Thieves as a professional VALORANT player

Hiko Joins 100 Thieves Valorant!

The 30-year-old CSGO professional has been signed by 100 Thieves in a bid to anchor its Valorant roster. While streaming he did tease this announcement and added, “I think that I can consider myself officially retired from CS:GO, All of my effort and all of my time now will be towards VALORANT.”

With CS:GO being his area of expertise, Hiko has now decided to move on from the pro scene of Counter Strike to pursue a career in Riot’s new First person tactical shooter after spending 8 years playing the former where he did represent a plethora of prodigious organizations including Cloud9 and Rogue. With 100 Thieves entering Valorant’s pro scene, Hiko is expected to turn the tides by helping his side to build a roster, well talented enough to compete teams like T1 led by Brax and TSM led by Subroza and his men who have already set out to lay over their dominance.