Smooya announces free agency


The 20yo English AWPer was released from his contract at Chaos after the latter lost his place in the roster due to the Coronavirus Pandemic which saw his interview with the US embassy canceled and postponed due to the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic. Earlier, Smooya had travelled back to his hometown in the United Kingdom as his stay in USA did engage in some conflicts with some ESTA guidelines.

Since then Smooya had been a free agent until he and Snappi who had been benched by Heroic were linked to TIGER, a Mongolian Esports team lead by former Grayhound player Erdenetsogt “erkaSt” Gantulga . But things still couldn’t get better for Owen as TIGER did scrap their roster revamp plans which could have resulted in loosing half of their Regional Major Rankings as per the rules and regulations set by ESL for their Road to Rio tournament.

Smooya had previously played for Renegades (now 100 Thieves) as well where he replaced Sean “Gratisfaction” Kaiwai on the roster after the latter was forced to miss a plethora of matches due to some VISA Issues. With an average rating of 1.32 at Chaos, he is now looking forward to unleash his true potential for yet another time with his choices now widened to join a team from the EU region as well.