Valorant Might Be Getting A Story Mode In Future

If the players’ demands for an elaborate Valorant lore continues to grow, the developers might consider introducing a story mode to the shooter.

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The Valorant lore is vast, and while players are given the general idea of the background of the agents, not much is known about the in-depth lore behind each character in the game. According to a leak, Valorant might get a story mode in the future.

From time to time again, fans have put forward the demand of elaborating the Valorant lore in front of Riot Games.

In the latest blog post of ‘Ask Valorant’, the developers have responded to the community and have shared their plans about the future of Valorant.

While a story mode may not be arriving in Valorant in the near future, it’s still very much on the table, especially since it’s in high demand among the player base.

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“It’s definitely our goal for players to discover more about Agents and their stories in the future. Right now, some of those details are seeded into the game itself, in Player Cards, Character VO, etc. —there are a lot of places where you can find and piece together snippets! However, a traditional story mode is not in our current plans but….never say never. Our goal is always to listen to players and so we will continue to adapt and create experiences based on what you are telling us you want.”

Currently, Valorant is strictly a multiplayer shooter where players are matched 5v5 in unrated or competitive game modes. Modes like ‘Deathmatch’ or ‘Spike Rush’ are also popular among the fans of the title.