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Valorant Hidden Point System Leaked

While Valorant players have a general idea of how the ranking system works in the competitive shooter, finer details of it are still unknown to anyone except the developers.

However, it looks like players might finally have some of the answers that they were looking for, as dataminers have found out game codes that point towards a hidden ‘Points’ system in Valorant that determines your in-game rank.

Currently, players can estimate their progression to the next (or previous) ranks through the post-game screen, where they can see green or red arrows to indicate their rank progression.

Popular Valorant dataminer ‘Valorant Leaks’ has shared his recent findings through a Twitter post. According to the tweet, in each rank, Valorant players have a number of ‘points’ associated with their accounts. Winning games increases this number while losing games lowers it.

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It can be assumed that reaching 100 points promotes players to the next rank, while the precise number for a demotion is still unknown.

The dataminer has also claimed that the hidden ‘points’ system is already live in-game. However, players have no access to this information.

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