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Heroic draw criticism from CSGO community over duality of ‘team morals’ talk

Popular esports organization Heroic is facing backlash over the duality of their statements issued over time-related to incidents involving their CSGO roster.

Earlier in the year, as punishments were handed out to coaches in the CSGO scene for exploiting the spectator bug, Nicolai ‘ HUNDEN’ Petersen, Heroic’s Coach, was found guilty of using it for a total of 21 rounds and was thus handed an 8-month ban as part of ESL’s competitive ruling on the widespread incident.

Heroic suspended HUNDEN but it was later revealed that the Danes continued to work with the Counter Strike icon in a similar capacity, has not hired a new Coach.

Recently, Heroic issued a statement lauding their team morals and ethics and deemed the player cam reactions after a win worthy of introspection. The organization revealed that they had appointed a Chief Cultural Officer in Troels Robl in an attempt to inculcate a better culture within the organization while also extending their apologies to anyone affected by it.

Heroic CSGO Statement

This statement was in stark contrast to their stance and behavior with the HUNDEN incident as they suspended their coach at face value but continued to work with someone who was indicted of cheating or gaining an unfair advantage in official ESL events.

Several members of the CSGO scene commented on the duality of Heroic’s statements and behavior, with former FAZE CLAN coach Janko ‘YNk’ Paunovic and pro player turned analyst Jacob ‘Pimp’ Winneche among others highlighting the same through their respective Twitter accounts.

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