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Alinity takes sabbatical from streaming

Columbian streamer Alinity is set to take a break from streaming after an announcement by her on Twitter cited health reasons for this move.

“Hello friends, I need to take a break from streaming and social media. I will see you all when I get back,” she said today, without giving details on when she would return to the gaming site.

Earlier on December 20th, she gave hints regarding the same, saying that her streams would be shorter due to her health. As reported by Twitch Tracker, her streams went down 4 fold from 8 hours to just 2.

“I am pretty sick. Not fun stuff. I will be around less for a little while. Streams will be short and sporadic, gotta look after my health,” she tweeted.

Alinity joins JackSepticEye and Pokimane in taking a sabbatical from streaming in 2020, both of whom took a break due to being stressed and not feeling in the best of mental states to stream.

Having gained more than 300k followers this year, she has not lost too much traction, whilst averaging more than 1.5k viewers. Her supporters will hope for her to be back in action in 2021.

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