Valorant player count tracker 2022

How many people play Valorant

Valorant has quickly bloomed into the go-to shooter within one year of its release. The game’s player base continues to grow in 2022. 

First-person games are easily the reigning genre in the realm of gaming. However, the five-versus-five category of the shooter was known for its realistic appeal and death-dealing arsenal. Riot Games’ Valorant transformed FPS with upbeat visuals, immersive lore, and unique ability feature. 

In 2022, Valorant’s unique gameplay has garnered millions of players, making it one of the fastest-growing FPS games. The numbers continue to go up with the game’s popularity. 

How many people play Valorant in 2022? 

According to Active Player, Valorant currently rocks an average of 15 million monthly players in 2022. For a hot new shooter, this is an insanely high number that is expected to go up in the coming months. 

Riot Games hasn’t revealed the exact number, but Anna Donlon, the Valorant executive producer, has previously confirmed the player count. According to her, the game quickly hit 14 million after a brief slump after the launch. Valorant had a blockbuster release that attracted tons of players new to the FPS genre. The wild increase fizzled out with the hype. 

However, the game quickly bounced back. Active player stats show that it gains at least 2% of players every month. Just in December 2021, the game observed a hike of 6%, bringing in 759,580 unique players. It isn’t anywhere close to July 2021 when Valorant hit 14.9 million players, but it’s undoubtedly getting there. 

So far, 15 million is the peak number Valorant has reached. This rise was seen in July, after which the game started to lose temporary players as more loyal FPS fans began to get hooked. After a year of its release, Valorant has found a stable footing as no drastic slump has been noticed. The count consistently goes up, which is an excellent sign for a new game. In January 2022, Valorant is getting closer to its 15 million average player mark. 

Valorant is one of the most popular games in 2022. Thanks to a thriving esports scene and fun visuals, Valorant has attracted tons of players and fans in a short time. The popularity also has a lot to do with famous streamers playing Valorant and responsive developers who stay in touch with the community.