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Valorant patch notes for 0.49 released, ranked mode coming soon

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Riot devs seem to be actively working on their way for VALORANT to become the leading title in the world of competitive shooters as they’re about to release a new patch for the game within only a few days of releasing the previous patch

Through a tweet recently Riot had revealed that they’re about to close down servers for implementing the upcoming patch. Moments later, they’ve also released the full patch notes for VALORANT 0.49. 

The patch lists several changes to the game. From hero fixes and map changes to multiple quality of life changes, 0.49 has everything a fan would look for, including a ranked competitive mode for VALORANT which will go live after confirming the “stability” of the patch, as confirmed by Riot dev Nick Wu in a Livestream on Twitch.

Omen got a major change in his mechanics, who “now immediately becomes vulnerable and no longer appears dark after he leaves his alternate shadow form.” Another change Omen received was “The attenuation radius of the arrival sound on Omen’s From the Shadows has been reduced to 2250.” To put it simply, “you have to be closer to Omen to echolocate where he’s teleporting to.” 

Some bug fixes were applied to heroes like Phoenix and Viper. A bug including Cypher’s cage was also fixed which Riot declared through a tweet later.

The map updates included several changes to all maps, and multiple fixes to the geometries of the three maps – Bind, Haven and Split to “fix exploits and help optimize gameplay.”

Changes were also made to the observer mode of the game, including a “ghost mode” which enables players to fly across the map similar to that of the “noclip” mode from CSGO. This mode requires a custom server with cheats enabled to execute.

The UI and HUD of the game were improved with better visuals and some minor fixes.

The game received several quality of life changes which addressed the issues the community had been wanting. Players will now be able to exit custom games by simply the click of a button in the ESC menu. 

There’s also a penalty system implemented for players who abandon games. “Players who abandon matchmade games, or dodge agent selects, will now experience penalties that prevent them from queuing for a period of time. Frequent offenders will experience higher queue time penalties. Leaving ruins the match for everyone else, and should only be a last resort.”

Apart from all these, several bugs of the game and the game client were fixed according to the patch notes, including the major bug which made both teams win a round each.

The full details of the patch notes can be found in VALORANT’s official blog.

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