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Valorant possibility makes two teams get points in the same round, trick or bug?

A glitch for VALORANT makes both the teams win a round each if the defuser simultaneously dies upon completion of the defuse.

VALORANT was Riot Games’ first take on the competitive shooter genre and made its closed-beta debut with a blast on April 7th, with the official release scheduled for summer 2020.

Although VALORANT had gained an insane amount of popularity worldwide, it wasn’t free from flaws. Some minor bugs had surfaced previously across social media platforms but almost none of them were massively game-changing. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for the bug that 100 Thieves streamer “Classify” encountered recently which can potentially change the outcome of the game and make the unworthy team come out on top.

Through a tweet the streamer expressed his reaction to the major bug. In the attached clip, he is seen spectating one of his teammates as he tried to defuse the spike at the last moment. He seemed to have gotten the defuse in time but was shot to death the instant his defuse bar filled up. The “Flawless” banner appearing on the top of the screen indicated that the attackers had emerged victorious, but the scoreline dictated otherwise. The score jumped directly from 1-2 to 2-3 as if both the teams had won a round each.

Theoretically this should only be possible when both the defuse and the kill happens at the exact same tick, and VALORANT servers being 128 tick should make this sort of scenario occur only once in a blue moon. Still, Riot devs should figure out a way to solve this bug and only give the round win to the deserved team.

The incident also spread to Reddit and while players had different opinions as to who should be awarded the round win, some of them mentioned encountering similar problems in the game. One of them also stated how oddly it affected the game economy.

These sorts of glitches are certainly not welcome in a competitive shooter like VALORANT, but since it’s just the closed beta stage of the game some bugs are likely to be found. In fact, this is what beta tests are for, to dish out bugs and to refine the small things required to make the game perfect. Hopefully, any remaining bugs will be washed off by the time Riot decides to give VALORANT an official launch.

Sonu Banerjee
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