VALORANT Mobile Images Leaked; Spotted Testing On Google Play Store

Valorant Mobile

Ever since hints of a Valorant Mobile Game surfaced, the community has gone berserk thinking about the possibility of playing Valorant in your mobile phones. Yesterday, the internet was taken by surprise when screenshots of Valorant Mobile getting private tested on Google Play Store appeared.

Private Testing allows Google accounts with permission to access the beta and test it out before it drops for everyone. Popular mobile game data miner @DannyINTEL posted the screenshots on Twitter, followed up by a video showing how to access the private beta.

Valorant Mobile was teased way back but nothing as convincing as this surfaced in a long time. Now for sure we can assume that the game is close to completion and in a few months of time, we will be able experience the same on our mobile phones.

The private beta for obvious reasons is covered under a NDA, and as it read: “Thank you for joining the VALORANT Mobile F&F weekend! We’re excited to share the game with you! This is a work-in-progress prototype and you are under NDA to not share any information with anyone outside of Riot or the other F&F participants. Good Luck, have fun!“.

Form the many leaks, a Jett gameplay in Bind surfaced, where we get the first visual impression of how the game looks on the small screen. As convincing as it is, the game is still in its beta stages which means a lot of improvements will meet the game once it drops for the public.

Now that the beta has surfaced, it is safe to say that the full game will be a few months away and more such leaked content will make it to the us as time passes. With the game looking extremely good on mobile, Riot has a scope to build an esport out of it, given mobile games attract an equally large audience.