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List of teams that have applied for North American VCT partnership in 2023

Esports in Valorant will have a new face in 2023.

Just like how Riot’s League of Legends has been structured, a similar esports model will soon be deployed in Valorant’s competitive circuit which will introduce the International Leagues just as they do in their MOBA title, the LCS and LEC events.

As reported by DotEsports, the Americas League will feature 10 teams from across the continent including North America, Brazil, and Latin America. This article tells us about the list of teams who have publicly registered for the franchising policy with Riot while there are others as well who have filed their application, made private.

The major difference between LoL and Valorant would be, teams won’t need to buy in a franchise slot to compete while in the former, teams would have to invest in millions to hook themselves a slot at the same.

Earlier today over 200 teams had shown interest in partnering up with Riot although only 150 could make it as the rest others were unable to present the required paperwork in the time slot.

Valorant Partnership Teams NA:

Below you can find the list of the teams from the Americas region who have publicly revealed their interest to integrate into this new franchising system.

  1. Cloud9
  2. 100 Thieves
  3. TSM FTX
  4. Sentinels
  5. OpTic Gaming
  6. T1
  7. CounterLogic Gaming
  8. Shopify Rebellion
  9. XSET
  10. The Guard
  11. Evil Geniuses
  12. Version1
  13. G2 Esports*

*G2 Esports have filled out an application for both the North American and European franchising systems amid a recent report by 1pv.fr which stated that the Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez owned side don plans to play in the North American Valorant scene.

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