Free Fire announces collaboration with Pop Star Anitta; new character to arrive

free fire anitta

Garena Free Fire has announced a global collaboration with the Brazilian pop star Anitta that will be dropped in to the game very soon. This collaboration is expected to be very similar to the collaborations seen with other artists and an in-game character based on Anitta will be launched on 2nd July.

Anitta is a Brazilian pop star with a huge fan following in Brazil and a respected status around the world. This new collaboration is set to bring a personalized touch of this pop star to the game as each and every minute detail is being designed after her approval.

Garena has already collaborated with big artists and launched their official music in their own realm. A similar theme is also seen with Anitta as her music video will be launched on 29th June, along with sneak peeks of her in-game character.

The character based on Anitta is assumed to be named as a Patroa and this character has been designed by Anitta herself and her own designers. This means that the entire character design is given a personalized touch by Anitta.

This in-game character, Patroa, has no real special ability of her own but there is an option to use the special active/passive ability of any other character while using Anitta’s character. There are chances that the abilities of other characters can only be used if you have unlocked them.

The new character along with a huge in-game event will arrive in Free Fire by the start of July so get ready to save your diamonds and time to unlock the new character.

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