SRA Captain denies allegations of cheating

The Indian CSGO scene was rocked by another cheating controversy earlier today, with Malhar star Gurtej Proud Singh revealing some screenshots that carried proof of hacks being used by SRA Captain Bubun ‘The Guru’ Panday.

Bubun Panday has since issued a statement clearing himself of any possibility of using any hacks in ‘official events’.


“This is Bubun Panday, I deny the accusations that I used to cheat in official events. I would never risk using any form of illegal software that puts myself and my team under attack. But its true that i was discussing about a certain cheat which i found in google , in the screenshot , i copy pasted its features that was written in the site. This was just out of curiosity and was not intended to use in any events. Me and the other guy was discussing this , during the time forsaken was openly cheating. Neither i have used cheats in any event like ESL , where everyone was monitored after forsaken was Caught. Also i have played the Esl Rematch under 3 admin supervision. Anyways if mere discussing about cheats with certain guy can lead to Ban, i have no issues. Also der are accusations of me using cheats in gurtej account which i will say laughable and are mare pranks which i discussed openly in group with all laughing. This was due to the fact , he physically beat me up in an event, so i was talking smack on him. If anyone doubts my gameplay, I can play anywhere, anyplace at any anti-cheat and the gameplay will be the same. I wouldn’t have made this post if I really cheated. Again I say I didn’t cheat, but I accept the fact I discussed cheats which I found over the internet and copy pasted its features and how it can be done. There are many factors why you cannot cheat on lans as you have to send all files pre-hand to event organizer, and downloads are prohibited (Still don’t know how forsaken launched his cheat automatically). Yes, I apologize for discussing cheats over the internet, but it was done due to forsaken cheating openly, but I assure you all I didn’t cheat in any events. The cheat features i was talking with a guy (who was a friend) , i found out in google , it seemed cool at first , as forsaken was cheating openly (aimbotting) , so we were discussing the features of it) , but later the guy whom i was talking with found out , its impossible to do this in lan as launching the cheat leads to a black dos screen in desktop. Anyways it was just talks and was never intented to use in any lan. Esl and other events takes cfg prehand , with all softwares and stuff. So its pointless think about that. This were all discussions due to forsaken openly cheating but was never intented and moreover the process we talked was impossible to execute on a environment where everything was send prehand. After forsaken was caught. We played from a cafe , where 3 esl admins , checked out temp file , background process and cfg , 2 3 times , every half. We almost beat the winners, 14 -16 , 12-16 we lost. So its baseless to call me a cheater by some cheap talks over the fb. I apologise for discussing cheats but i assure you i can play this game very well, you can test my gameplay over lan by giving me a similar setup. I would not risk myself by using such silly external assists which are useless for me anyways as i can play the game.”

Although his response is interesting, it is worth noting that the translated text of screenshots implicate that he was discussing the use of the said hacks in his own cafe in events where he mentioned ILG as well. He also states that he just searched on google and copy pasted this. But, our team tried to replicate the same level of detail and were unable to find it.

We are yet to be made aware of the extent of the cheating allegations that the screenshots have revealed. But, this incident looks like it will stretch, with people likely to await the involvement of governing bodies like ESIC.