Indian Counter-Strike scene has been rocked by another cheating controversy. The Forsaken incident had already tainted the hard work done by the other members of Optic India. But, the National Scene has now been rocked by emerging proofs of hacks being used by Slaughter Rage Army captain Bubun ‘The Guru’ Panday.

TalkEsport couldn’t independently identify the authenticity of the proofs. TalkEpsort also urges the community to let the authorities take the decision and not to spread hatred to the said player’s private accounts or chats.

Slaughter Rage Army is a Kolkata-based lineup that made waves in 2018 with their unabashed brand of Counter-Strike. Noticeable finishes include a 3rd place at ZOWIE eXTREMESLAND Offline Indian Qualifiers at LXG and a 2nd place at ESL INDIA Fall Season Finals.

The lineup had established themselves as a top-5 team and had reportedly taken a break from competitive gaming, missing the Winter Phase, owing to exams.

Many pros from the National Scene were skeptical of the team being ‘legit’, to say in Layman’s terms. But, the proofs have now been put forward by Malhar star Gurtej ‘Proud’ Singh, who is supported by several of the pros from the Kolkata gaming scene.

The screenshots provided as part of the proof show Bubun Panday in conversation with someone, almost bragging about how the cheats they are aware of or possess will never be caught. The SRA captain also iterates that he will attempt to make an auto-executable version of the hack during their ‘break’.

The conversation also continues with The Guru revealing that their hacks are maybe installed in the vibranceGUI software, which is double the size of the normal vibranceGUI software. He also says that the hack includes a panic key which once pressed will disable all the cheating features and will only be re-enabled by pressing certain keys in the open chat window in CSGO. He says the feature is mainly for LAN evens to avoid being caught.

He also gives the unknown user in the conversation a zip file stating how it can be enabled by pressing HOME and disabled by pressing END.

These revelations are quite something, considering Slaughter Rage Army had pushed the envelope and put Kolkata Counter Strike on the map.

It will now be up to the governing bodies and ESL to determine what to do with these proofs. Their Rules and Terms of Service do iterate that players cannot be deemed to be hacking on the basis of screenshots or images.

But, the screenshots provided herein mixed with the speculation from several Indian CSGO pros might just compel them to review their rule and perhaps make an exception here.

As for the other members of Slaughter Rage Army, it is still unclear as to whether they are, in any way, involved in the reported cheating incident. For now, we are just in shock to what has been revealed and it will be interesting to see how the Community reacts to the same.