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Valorant Players Encountering Login Issues in Worldwide

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If you’ve been playing Valorant for a while, then you’re probably no stranger to problems logging into your account. Players have reported experiencing various issues with signing into the competitive shooter multiple times in the past.

Generally, to launch Valorant, players have to launch the client first and use their usernames and pass to sign in. When the login issue is prevalent, the game fails to launch. Instead, players are greeted with the message, “We’ve encountered an unknown error. Please wait a moment and try again.”

The reason behind this problem is still unclear, so we can’t recommend a solution for this. A similar problem occurred a few days ago, where players encountered the same error message while logging in. The issue was resolved in a couple of hours.

Riot has acknowledged the problem and mentioned that they’re working on a fix.

“We are aware of a problem causing login attempts to fail and are working on a fix,” the devs said.

It’s likely that the implementation of patch 1.11 has been causing problems in the shooter. The increased load on servers combined with the technical difficulties the new patch has been creating might have resulted in the servers going down for a while.

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