Ion 2.0 Skin Bundle Set to Release in Valorant’s New Act, Details Inside

A second iteration of the Ion Bundle is on its way to Valorant’s first-person tactical shooter.

valorant ion 2.0

After the launch of VALORANT in June 2020, one of the very first collections to be made available to players was the Ion weapon skin bundle. After their first release on November 11 of that year, the Ion skins immediately established themselves as a fan favorite among players.

The Ion Bundle 2.0 in Valorant has been revealed by Data-miner ValorLeaks on Twitter which suggests us the artwork of the former alongside several layouts and levels to be shipped.

The Sheriff and Phantom skins were the most popular from the bundle, and you can find them featured in the loadouts of a number of different professional players. It is the first time that Riot Games has used a color scheme like this one, which features a futuristic white and blue color pattern.

Along with the release of the new act, the Ion 2.0 weapon skin bundle will become available in the VALORANT store.

This new bundle will come with yet another karambit knife, a weapon that has seen a significant increase in demand ever since it was added to the game alongside Prime 2.0. The previous iteration of the Ion knife, which was an energy sword that wrapped around the player’s hand, has been vastly improved upon by this new knife.

This time around, the Ares, Spectre, Frenzy, and Vandal will all be sporting skins from the Ion collection. After the addition of these skins, the roster of weapons that will be able to be customized with an Ion skin will consist of the Phantom, Vandal, Ares, Spectre, Bucky, Operator, Sheriff, and Frenzy, in addition to two knives.

The Ion 2.0 bundle will, in the same vein as its predecessor, be designated as a Premium weapon skin bundle. The whole number of skins, together with a gun buddy, player card, and spray, are included in each of these bundles, which can be purchased for 7,100 VALORANT Points. Each skin for a weapon will cost 1,775 VP with the karambit knife skin being the priciest at 4,350 VP. 

As soon as the Crimsonbeast bundle leaves the store, Ion 2.0 will be available for purchase in-game across the globe.

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