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Amouranth OnlyFans hacked

Popular Twitch streamer Amouranth aka Kathrine Siragusa’s OnlyFans was taken over by a hacker who reportedly tried stealing around the sum of $900,000 that was yet to be withdrawn.

Amouranth has arguably the most popular OnlyFans account out there. It is safe to say that her content generates an insane amount of money and anyone who has control over it is a millionaire, to say the least.

Amouranth Only Fans

In her Tweet, she mentioned that the hack took place on 12th October when the hacker tried to add their personal bank account to transfer the money that was there in her OnlyFans which is a sum of $900,000 according to her.

Soon after the hacker tried adding their bank account, OnlyFans notified Siragusa of the activity after which she was able to save herself from a big loss.“This is the notice after they tried to add their own bank info,” she said, posting a photo from her computer.

She later confirmed that he withdraws money on a quarterly cycle which is why that money remained there. The hacker knowingly or unknowingly came across it and failed to retrieve it for themselves. Hopefully, the developers will look into it and such incidents will be avoided in the future.

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