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How To Get Valorant Mobile beta access?

Valorant mobile is all set to be the mobile gaming sensation after PUBG. The long-teased mobile game is reportedly still in the development stage but not be too long before Riot gives the beta out to gamers for testing.

Porting PC games to mobile has shown massive success in the past, PUBG is one of the most glaring examples of it. Valorant is arguably the most played multiplayer FPS now and the mobile game would be an instant hit if the developers are able to scale it down for such devices without comprising gameplay.

Riot announced way back that they will be dropping Valorant for mobiles however whether they will double down on an esports scene for the same is yet to be figured. The announcement sent shockwaves in the mobile gaming community as fans are eager to find out how the developers will bring down such complicated mechanics to a mobile screen.

How To Get The Valorant Mobile Beta?

Currently, the Valorant Mobile beta still remains in the Invite Only beta stage but Riot is reportedly working on an Invite System that will see the beta get into the hands of more and more players. It is quite unclear when it drops but several leaked videos suggest that it has been released in a controlled environment.

The leaked video suggests that the game is working pretty well on mobile phones and most of the functionalities from the PC version of it have been retained. However, we have to wait for more information to put out a verdict on that one.

Apex Legends, PUBG, Fortnite, all of them were massive successes when launched for mobile and Valorant has all the ingredients for it as well. If all goes well, we can see another giant enter the mobile gaming space.

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