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Valorant Franchising Teams Will Be Revealed Next Week

Previously, we had seen Riot Games revealing the roadmap for next year’s Valorant Champions Tour. In case you haven’t had the time to check it out yet, VCT 2023 will feature three regional leagues that only a select few ‘partnered teams’ will be able to compete in, with the first International Split starting in March 2023.

Today, on the final day of Valorant Champions 2022, President of Esports for Riot Games John Needham has confirmed that the list of all partnered teams will be revealed by the company next week.

Riot will be partnering with 10 teams from each region, which means that there will be a total of 30 teams officially partnered throughout the globe. 

During the interview, Needham also revealed Riot’s plans to host an upcoming event in Japan. 

Currently, there hasn’t been any confirmation on the list of teams that have managed to secure partnerships with the company. 

Teams that failed to secure partnerships with Riot Games can still participate in the upcoming Valorant Challengers Circuit 2023 to stand a chance to participate in the VCT 2024 season.

To know more about Valorant franchising and the number of teams that initially applied for partnership, fans can check out this article

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