How to create more teams in Genshin Impact

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Creating more teams in Genshin Impact, is need now more than ever. Following the release of version 3.0 update, the game will see new quests, enemies and characters added to Teyvat.

With the expansion, Sumeru’s enemies and several in game elemets, players might find more teams quite handy and useful. More teams can stop you from overusing the Spiral Abyss and can save other resources as well.

Genshin Impact has a plethora of missions and tasks which can easily take advantage of the multiple squad slots that the game has to offer.

Photo: OneEsports.GG

Here is a guide on how to create more teams in Genshin Impact

  • Head over to the Party Setup menu, where all the active squads are setup and displayed and it is also there where the game has four custom slots left for the players to make use of.
  • On the bottom left, tap next and you will be on your way to configuring a new squad. You can select pre-match parties, their names and members and elemental resonance.
  • The setting allows you create more squads after the you have exhausted the four slots.
  • Now you can scroll through the squads to select one for the match.

Follow these steps to enjoy multiple squads to take advantage of which makes things easier and effective in order to help with the long list of missions and tasks that the game throws upon you.

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