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VALORANT 7.02 PBE Patch Notes: Release Date, and All Updates

Valorant, the globally acclaimed first-person shooter game, is set to roll out its second update of Episode 7 Act 1, Patch 7.02. This update follows the initial release earlier this month, which primarily focused on the introduction of the Premier Ignition League. The upcoming patch, however, is expected to bring a more comprehensive set of changes, stirring excitement within the gaming community.

What Is Valorant PBE?

Before any update goes live, Valorant hosts a test server, known as the Public Beta Environment (PBE), for select players. This platform allows gamers to experience and evaluate the new features and changes implemented in the game, aiding the developers in identifying and rectifying bugs. This process ensures a more stable version of the update upon its official release. The PBE for Valorant Patch 7.02 was launched on 14th July and ran until 17th July.

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Anticipated Updates in Valorant Patch 7.02

The previous update didn’t necessitate a PBE due to the lack of major changes. However, Patch 7.02 is expected to introduce significant alterations to the game. One of the most anticipated changes is the potential balancing of the newly released agent, Deadlock, whose ultimate ability has been a point of contention among players.

In addition to agent balances, the update is likely to usher in changes to the in-game shop. The Neo Frontier Skinline, which was released on 30th June, might finally be replaced by the Karma Give Back Bundle 2023.

Moreover, an upgraded sound-generation engine covering all types of sounds in Valorant, including voiceovers, announcements, pings, bullets, abilities, weapon skins, and more, is rumored to be part of the update. The introduction of an ‘Esports Hub’ within Valorant is another exciting feature that players are eagerly awaiting.

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Release Date of Valorant Patch 7.02

While there is no official announcement regarding the release date of the update, it is speculated to go live on 18th July. However, the exact timing may vary based on the region. It’s important to note that the game servers will likely undergo maintenance during the update rollout, temporarily disabling matchmaking.

VALORANT 7.02 PBE Patch Notes


  • We’ve upgraded the sound-generation engine in the game a couple of versions. This covers ALL sound (voiceovers, announcements, environmental sounds, pings, bullets, ricochets, abilities, gunskins, finishers, etc.) except for voice chat. If we’ve done our job right, you should notice nothing different, but please let us know if you see (hear!) anything unexpected.


  • Fixed an issue where the Spray Wheel was not appearing in Team Deathmatch and Escalation during Warmups.


  • The Araxys skin line muzzle flash is currently displaying in black and white for chromas in third person.

Patch Notes Sourced Via Reddit.

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