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Ghosts of Tsushima PC Release: PlayStation’s Single-Player Triumph on Steam

Since its release on Steam, ‘Ghosts of Tsushima’ has achieved some great numbers marking an amazing start for the single-player title. Steam reported 77k+ concurrent players on May 19. On the same day, God of War(another PlayStation release on Steam) showed just 73k+ concurrent players. This makes ‘Ghosts of Tsushima’ one of the best single-player PlayStation releases on Steam.

Ghosts of Tsushima first hit the market in July 2020 as a PlayStation exclusive. Ever since the release, players have been eagerly waiting for a PC version. This came to reality on May 16, when the Windows version of ‘Ghosts of Tsushima: Director’s Cut’ was released on Steam.

Seeing the number of concurrent players for Ghosts of Tsushima is remarkable as the game is not even sold in countries where the PlayStation network is inaccessible. This is due to Sony’s internal policy where online multiplayer games require a PlayStation Network Account and PlayStation overlay. After facing some backlash from the community, the makers of the game- Sucker Punch, have clarified that PSN is not required for the single-player part of the game. However, the ‘Legends Online’ multiplayer mode still necessitates a PSN account.

Sucker Punch has been very appreciative towards Nixxes Software, the studio behind porting the game from PlayStation to PC. Sucker Punch’s statement on their official X handle read out “Your technical expertise has been invaluable in making our first-ever PC release a reality. We couldn’t possibly have asked for a better partner.”

After the successful launch of Ghosts of Tsushima on PC, players are left wondering which would be the next PlayStation game to be released on PC.

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