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How To Get Steel Net Sensor Traps In Dave The Diver

In the captivating underwater world of Dave the Diver, players are constantly on the lookout for tools and equipment that can enhance their gaming experience. One such sought-after item is the Steel Net Sensor Trap. This unique piece of gear is a game-changer, enabling players to capture two fish simultaneously, thereby optimizing their resource gathering. However, the Steel Net Sensor Trap is not your everyday item and requires a specific approach to acquire and use effectively. Let’s dive in to understand how you can get your hands on this exclusive tool and use it to your advantage.

How To Get Steel Net Sensor Traps In Dave The Diver

The Steel Net Sensor Trap is not an item you’ll stumble upon during your regular underwater exploration. This exclusive tool is available for purchase at Cobra’s Premium Shop, costing 85 Gold. The shop’s unique inventory means you won’t find this item anywhere else, not even in the cases you open while exploring the depths of the sea.

To afford this valuable tool, you’ll need to boost your cash flow. The sushi restaurant, especially if you’ve unlocked the Branch location, is a great place to start. Selling unwanted materials to Cobra or exchanging resources at the farm, fish breeding destination, and Bancho’s eatery can also contribute to your gold reserves. However, keep in mind that Cobra’s Premium Shop operates on a randomized daily selection system, so the Steel Net Sensor Trap may not always be available.

How To Use Steel Net Sensor Traps In Dave The Diver

Once you’ve acquired the Steel Net Sensor Trap, it’s time to put it to good use. To deploy the trap, hold the ‘C’ button and place it in the path of a larger fish. Observing the fish’s movement and strategically placing the trap can significantly increase your chances of a successful capture.

While the Steel Net Sensor Trap is designed for larger fish, it has a limited capacity and cannot capture creatures like sharks, Blue Hole Depth critters, and bosses. It is most effective when used on fast-moving fish like Tuna and Marlin. After a successful capture, you can use the Salvage Drone to haul up the fish, freeing up space in Dave’s inventory.

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