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Dave the Diver: Best Employees Who Will Boost Your Restaurant

Are you looking for the best employees to boost your restaurant? Look no further than Dave the Diver! This article ranks the top 5 employees who will help you grow your business.

In the immersive world of Dave the Diver, players are not only tasked with exploring the depths of the ocean but also managing a bustling sushi restaurant. This dual responsibility requires strategic decision-making, especially when it comes to hiring the right staff. This guide will help you identify the best employees to ensure your restaurant thrives while you’re away on your underwater adventures.

The Importance of Staff Selection In Dave The Diver

Running a successful sushi restaurant in Dave the Diver isn’t a one-man job. As the game progresses, you’ll need to hire employees to assist with various tasks, from cooking to serving customers. The right staff can significantly enhance your restaurant’s efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability. But who are these top-tier employees, and what makes them stand out?

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Top Employees to Boost Your Restaurant’s Success

1. Yone: The Culinary Prodigy

Yone is a gem when it comes to preparing dishes swiftly and professionally. Her Cooking skill, which can reach an impressive 1752 at level 20, is largely due to her Cooking++ skill. This ability permanently increases her cooking rating, making her an invaluable asset in the kitchen. Additionally, Yone’s proficiency in Procure makes her versatile and a must-have for any successful restaurant.

2. El Nino: The Serving Maestro

El Nino, a mysterious masked figure, is a diamond-tier employee known for his exceptional serving skills. With the highest Serving rating in the game, he’s an essential member of the dining area. His excellent Procure rating and special skills, including Drink Serving Master and Cleaning Master, make him a vital asset as your restaurant grows busier.

3. Tohoku: The Seafood Specialist

Tohoku’s passion for cooking shines through his work. His Cooking rating, which can reach nearly 1300 at level 20, is a testament to his culinary expertise. His special skills, Cooking+ and Cooking++, further enhance his proficiency, making him capable of preparing even the most complex dishes.

4. Jandi: The Jack of All Trades

Jandi may not seem impressive initially, but with training, he becomes one of the most flexible employees in the game. His decent Serving and Procure ratings, combined with his Wasabi Refill and Tip Master skills, make him a valuable addition to any team.

5. Mitchell: The Customer Satisfaction Expert

Mitchell, a coffee-obsessed barista, boasts the second-highest Serving rating in the game. His Drink Serving skill significantly enhances customer satisfaction, while his high Appeal rating ensures he picks up frequent tips during busy hours.

6. Billy: The Cleaning Whiz

Billy’s Cleaning Master skill, combined with his high Serving rating, makes him an expert at maintaining a clean and welcoming dining area. His unique appearance and Tip Master skill also make him a reliable source of income.

In Dave the Diver, your success isn’t just about your underwater adventures; it’s also about how well you manage your sushi restaurant. By hiring the right staff, you can ensure your restaurant thrives, freeing you up to focus on exploring the ocean’s depths. Remember, the key to a successful restaurant lies in a balanced team, so choose your staff wisely!

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