This trick in VALORANT can detect enemies through walls

Dafran has come across a trick to abuse the fps counter in VALORANT to detect enemies behind walls.

Riot’s new competitive shooter VALORANT had entered its closed beta stage on 7th April. During the closed beta stage of any game, bugs are very likely to be found, which are later fixed by the game devs before an official release. But one such bug found by Overwatch pro Dafran can potentially cause troubles as it may enable players to get information on their enemies even through walls.

VALORANT already had reports for performance issues during gunfights and even when simply spotting enemies during playing. Dafran was also noticing major FPS drops in this game when he realised that his FPS might be significantly dropping even when he was aiming at an enemy through a wall. This Twitch clip captures what went down.

He then started looking around the map through walls waiting for his FPS to drop. The FPS drops alarmed him of the enemies’ positions which he then informed his team about. In the Twitch clip, he is seen calling out to his team about some enemies heading towards A and some being in the middle.

Generally, seeing enemies through walls in video games is regarded as ‘wallhacking’; but it appears from the clip that it’s a ‘feature’ in VALORANT currently. Needless to say, it was probably unintended by Riot and while they had previously promised players that they’ll work on performance issues, they may also need to take a look on this FPS drop issue caused by aiming at players through walls.

We’re hoping that the performance issues in VALORANT will be dished out by the time of the final release of the game, which is currently scheduled for summer 2020.