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Team Secret and Alter Ego’s Victories in VCT APAC Demolish Global Esports and India’s LCQ Dream

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Global Esports has been the Indian Representative in the APAC Region three times with their latest Stint Ending in Failure. Though they have been a consistent force in South Asia and India, they have had a rough time closing the matches in the APAC region tournaments. 

After winning the Valorant Conquerors Championship over Velocity Gaming, their eternal rivals, Global Esports, became the first team to represent India in the Valorant Official Tournament. The tournament started well for Global Esports, where they defeated Korean Damwon Gaming 2-1. 

While facing Paper Rex, They faltered, lost to them 0-2 and were pushed into the lower bracket. In the lower bracket, they faced F4Q, who were fresh off their Masters Berlin chronicles, and despite the strong performance, lost to F4Q 1-2 with the last map ending on 12-14.

For Masters Reykjavik Qualification, along with Velocity Gaming, Global Esports represented India in APAC Challengers. Being the second seed, they had to play in the Play-In stage, were lost to Griffin Esports, and Fancy United concluded their tournament run.

For the current VCT APAC Challengers, they qualified by winning the Skyesports Championship Series by beating Enigma Gaming. But in the Group Stage, they fell to Indonesian Alter Ego in their opening game and, despite a strong performance, lost to Filipino Rex Regum Qeon, ending their tournament run.  

As for LCQ, Global Esports were in the 10th position, But the Filipino Team Secret’s wins in the group stage and the playoffs pushed them to the 11th position. 

Team Secret is a Filipino team and has been one of the best teams in APAC. The Roster was the APAC representative in Masters Berlin and Valorant Champions 2021. But after an early tournament exit from stage 1 Challengers, Team Secret failed to gather many points and was 

short of a few points to qualify. 

The came in the VCT APAC Challengers as the top seed and managed to pull off a great lower bracket run in the group stage after losing to Bleed to qualify for the Playoffs. In the playoffs, after winning against Xerxia and Onic G are one win short of Qualifying for VCT Masters Copenhagen. 

Alter Ego defeated Global Esports and RRQ to qualify for the playoffs. After losing to Paper Rex, they defeated Griffin Esports, gaining enough points to become the 9th and final team to qualify for the VCT LCQ over Global Esports. 

Alter Ego would face Onic G tomorrow in the Lower Round 2 for a shot at Lower Bracket Semifinals and would try to win. Team Secret faces Paper Rex tomorrow for the VCT Masters Copenhagen slot.

As for the future of Global Esports, they have already applied for Valorant Franchising and would play the next tournament in India at Skyesports Souvenier Series Hyderabad. 

The VCT APAC Challengers would conclude on the 26th, where we would get the two APAC representatives for VCT Masters Copenhagen. 

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