T1 Sign ‘DaZeD’ To Their Valorant Roster

This move will allow him to finally reunite with his former iBuyPower teammate Brax.

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Through a tweet on October 12th, T1 has announced the signing of Sam “DaZeD” Marine to their Valorant roster.

DaZeD is a retired CSGO pro who earned fame for himself while playing for teams like iBuyPower and Quantic Gaming. The 31-year-old has been banned from competitive CSGO by Valve alongside six others for being involved with the iBuyPower match-fixing scandal that took place in 2014.

Being a part of the T1 Valorant roster would enable DaZeD to play with his former iBuyPower teammate Braxton “brax” Pierce, who was also banned from CS due to the scandal. Soon after the release of Valorant, brax chose to pursue a career in competitive Valorant and became one of the best players in the entire game.

DaZeD has received a warm welcome to T1 by fans of the North American organization. The announcement was met with excitement from fans worldwide, who congratulated the player from the comments.

This news didn’t come exactly as a shock, though. Team Liquid star Jacky “Stewie2k” Yip had already hinted at the possibility of this happening in an ‘Among Us’ stream last month, where he said that brax couldn’t join them for Among Us because he might be in an “eleven hours deep” practice session with former teammate DaZeD.

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