SkRossi tops the list of first blood kills at VCC playoffs

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The road to APAC Last Chance Qualifier kicked off with fireworks, as the first places at the regional championship were also on the table. With just one for the South Asian on the line, all eyes were on the likes of Global Esports and Velocity Gaming, to see who would secure the lone spot at the said former event.

Global Esports’s Ganesh “SkRossi” Gangadhar led the way at last week’s Valorant Conquerors Championship Grand finale against regional counterparts Velocity Gaming. The Indian side had initially qualified for the main VCC event from the second iteration of the Indian Qualifier and is currently led by Bhavin “HellrangeR” Kotwani. The two heavyweights of Indian Valorant locked horns in the feature match of the day, as they looked to kickstart their conquest. Split played host to the first game, with Velocity Gaming running away with their opponent’s map pick. 

Although post their defeat on Split, it was Ganesh “SkRossi” Gangadhar who managed to propel the tempo of his team as he went on to rack up a significant number of kills.

Today as per data collected from,  SkRossi topped the amount of first blood kills across the Finals Playoffs with upto 63 first bloods under his belt. SkRossi was the difference-maker for Global Esports throughout the three-day – Finals playoffs tournament. The 22-year-old played Jett to perfection recording over 200 kills across matches played.

The best of five grand finals saw SkRossi post up a colossal 108 kill streak, more than any player could pile up in a finals appearance. First blood kills are always a charm as teams get onto a man-advantage when the former is achieved. It’s either the suffering team who would gamble and bank on their odds or would just try to hold the line as the situation permits.

SkRossi was adjudged as the Most Valuable Player, an award from a result of his heroics across the tournament with post-game footage being made available across the Esports community where he is seen celebrating, emotional from their final map win. This was also tweeted by @FionnOnFire as a tribute to the young prodigy.

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