Sage can revive herself with her ultimate in Valorant

Players can use Sage's ultimate to resurrect herself and hear a hidden voice line.

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Sage is the most iconic support character of VALORANT, Riot’s latest competitive shooter. She is known for her abilities to heal and slow down enemy progression, but the ability which made her an insanely popular pick among players was her ability to revive her teammates with her ultimate.

A VALORANT player was messing around with stuff in the practice range when the player found out that Sage’s ultimate can also be used on herself. Reddit user u/TheFingerThief has shared a video through a post on the platform to show what happens when you use Sage’s ultimate to revive herself.

In the practice range, the player was playing Sage and threw herself down a cliff to die. As soon as she respawned at the same point, the player quickly used Sage’s ultimate on her corpse. Surprisingly, Sage managed to resurrect herself in that exact same spot but what provokes even more curiosity is that Riot had already added a voice line for this specific situation.

Upon reviving herself, Sage said, “So that’s what it feels like.” It’s unclear why Riot would go to an extent for this kind of scenario in the practice range, since players in each team in unranked or ranked are limited to picking a single hero only one time. 

This can imply a potential deathmatch mode in the future where players can pick the same hero more than once. Files suggesting a team deathmatch mode has already been leaked previously, so there’s a chance that this possibility will be relevant there. There’s also always a chance that Riot just included the voice line as a fun Easter egg, just in case someone would stumble upon this specific situation.

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