CSGO Bug Lets Opponents Vote Kick You Off

A CSGO bug made a player kick his opponent off instead of his teammate.

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In the history of CSGO, several major and minor bugs have been found and fixed by Valve accordingly. While some bugs are still occasionally found in the game, this one bug encountered by Reddit user u/xiotix in a competitive matchmaking game is particularly hilarious. He captures the bug in a video shared through a Reddit post.

The video shows him vote-kicking his teammate “as a joke” but to his surprise, after the vote passed, a player from the enemy team was kicked off instead. The teammate with the nickname “f1” who they were originally kicking was however, unaffected and continued to play on the team. The votekick appeared to be normal at first but when the vote status changed to ‘passed’, the name of the player kicked in the process was changed to “1chain”, who was the enemy that got kicked.

However, it seems like this sort of power can’t be learned. Chances are that it’s just a visual bug combined with an unfortunate “1chain” who got kicked by his own team, but at the same time as the player who made the post on Reddit called the vote. The initial vote was bugged and when the enemies’ vote passed, the message overrode the original vote raised by the player. While it’s the only possible explanation for the incident, it could only happen when both teams voted to kick a player at the exact same time; What are the odds of that happening?

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