Players report connection issue in Valorant Mumbai servers

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There’s been a spike of reports from users experiencing issues playing in Valorant Mumbai servers. The connection problem is gaining traction, and it may be a client issue. 

Since the game’s release in 2020, Riot Games has been proactive in dealing with glitches and server-related cases. But, a recent connection issue has been tarnishing the game experience of Mumbai players for over a week now. Players are requesting Riot to look into the problem. 

Packet loss and ping spike are the nightmares of any competitive player. But, some players in Valorant Mumbai servers can barely complete their ranked games.

Due to some mysterious error, most players are being kicked out of the match simultaneously. The problem has been going on for over ten days. Initially, players attributed the disconnection to ISP and DDOS, but now dozens of them have come forward with the same problem. 

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What’s wrong with Valorant Mumbai servers? 

Players have reported that as many as five players get disconnected a few rounds into the game. After multiple tries, the server lets them in, but not before they’ve already received the ban penalty.

Moreover, these constant kicks have lost them plenty of rank ratings and matches. A few have pointed out that they can’t rejoin a game once kicked. 

According to the community, the disconnection has been happening on almost all ISPs. Optimal PC specifications and swift internet speed can’t get you a stable full game if you’re playing Valorant on the Mumbai server, players have reported. Consequently, the Mumbai players are now forced to switch servers. Many have restarted their grind on Singapore, which is not ideal for Indian players. 

Riot hasn’t yet acknowledged the problem despite the abundance of player complaints. For now, players have been following the one size fits all rule book that asks players to restart clients. It’s worth noting that restarting client, internet, PC, and similar standardized solutions have failed to fix the problem. 

A similar problem occurred in North American servers in 2020, which was quickly acknowledged and patched up by Riot Games. Either this Mumbai issue is not server-sided, or Riot hasn’t noticed it, but players aren’t happy with the developers’ disregard. 

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