Neon Disabled From Valorant Servers After Accidentally Being Released as an Unlocked Agent

neon valorant disabled

Riot Games has disabled Neon from Valorant in some regions after accidentally releasing the duelist as an unlocked Agent alongside the release of Episode 4 Act 1.

Soon after the incident, the official Valorant Twitter handle confirmed that the Agent will be available once again in a few hours.

“Neon accidentally went out as an unlocked Agent, so she’s disabled in regions where Patch 4.0 is currently live,” the devs said in a Tweet. “We’re aiming to get her back in-game in roughly two hours.”

Neon will be available to play in the public servers alongside the Episode 4 Act 1 update that’s set to release in about two hours. The update will also bring with it a bunch of new content to the shooter including a new Battle Pass, a new skin bundle, and a number of changes that fans can read all about here.