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More information revealed about Valorant’s Agent 14, Shatter

Valorant developers seem to be putting in a real shift as they prepare to release Agent number 14 in game. The agent that seems to go by the name Shatter, has already been confirmed by the developers to be a duelist, making him the fifth in his class.

Valorant Agent Shatter

We have already been given the first glimpse of what Shatter looks like, thanks to what seemed to be an intentional ‘leak’ by the Valorant developers.

However, more insight has now been gathered on the supposed abilities Shatter will be equipped with.

Valorant New Agent Shatter Abilities Leaked –

Shatter will have the ability to flash opponents, something the community was hoping wouldn’t be, especially after the buff to Breach and the introduction of Skye.

Along with it, Shatter will possess an ability to mask the sound his footsteps make, as evidenced in the teaser that has been doing the rounds on Valorant servers. Overall, the abilities will lend to him being a stealth character and not an out-and-out duelist.

But, what is worth noting is that Shatter is likely to have the ability to clone himself as his ultimate.

Phoenix already possesses the ability of a ‘second life’, so to say, as his ultimate and it will be interesting to see how Shatter’s ultimate ability differs from that of Phoenix.

Valorant New Agent ‘Agent 14’ Release Date

Shatter is likely to be released by Valorant at the WWFEST, an online music festival, scheduled to take place from January 15, 2021 and onwards.

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