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How To Reset Valorant Night Market Skins

Riot has introduced a new Valorant Night Market refresh through their patch 1.14 on December 9th. While the majority of the Valorant player base are appreciating this new addition, some players are also facing a few problems.

The Night Market provides players with 6 chances to receive random weapon skins at a discounted rate. The skins that you choose or the discount that you receive on each skin are completely random.

This randomness has to lead to certain difficulties since a portion of the Valorant player base isn’t getting any skin they want in their first six draws. A lot of players have been looking for methods to “reset” the draws. Lets’ take a look at how it’s done.

valorant night market reset

Valorant Night Market Skins Refresh

Unfortunately, the only way to reset the Night Market draws is to purchase some of the weapon skins from the store that you draw from your first six tries. Once you use an offer from the Night Market, the slot will unlock and you can draw another offer once again.

If you decide to use all the six offers you unlocked, you’ll gain access to another set of six offers again.

Remember, you only have limited time to do so since the Night Market expires in approximately a month. However, due to its popularity among the player base, it’s likely that Riot will consider bringing it back in a future update.

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