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5 Major Changes In Valorant Patch 1.14

Here are the major changes you need to know about in Valorant patch 1.14


Valorant patch 1.14 is finally here and it has brought a plethora of changes to the competitive shooter. These changes include a new game mode, map changes, competitive changes, and a lot more.

Here are the 5 major changes you don’t want to miss out on in Valorant patch 1.14:

Sage Buffs in Valorant Patch 1.14:

Sage has received a minor buff in the new Valorant patch. Her Barrier Orb, once fortified, will no longer lose health over time from now on. Also, Sage can no longer use her Barrier Orb before the Buy Phase ends. This change was made to prevent Omen players from exploiting the barrier to teleport.

Icebox Changes in Valorant Patch 1.14:

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Icebox has received a lot of changes in Valorant patch 1.14, most of which are focused on adjusting elevations of some of the areas near bombsites which were providing Defenders with advantageous positions while holding sites.

New Game Mode ‘Snowball Mode’ in Valorant Patch 1.14

The new patch will introduce a Christmas-themed game mode that will also reward players with a free Gun Buddy upon playing. The game mode is set to be a 5v5 deathmatch with power-ups, progression, and much more.

Competitive Updates:

The competitive updates include re-enabling of the Act Rank badge on in-game player cards. Match History and Act Ranks have also been split out into their own specific sections in the Career page.

Store Updates:

The in-game store in Valorant is the place where players can buy a variety of weapon skins for themselves. The new Valorant patch has introduced a ‘Night Market’ for players where each player will get 6 chances to receive a random Select, Deluxe, or Premium weapon skin at a discounted rate. The Night Market will be accessible from December 10th.

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