How To Unlock The Snowbro Gun Buddy In Valorant

Here’s how you can unlock the new Snowbro Gun Buddy in Valorant.

A new gun buddy has been introduced to Valorant, and players only have a limited time to claim it before it eventually expires.

In case you’re unaware, Riot has implemented a new ‘Snowball Fight’ game mode to their competitive shooter. In this mode, players have to shoot lethal snowballs at each other while simultaneously picking up a variety of powerups scattered across the map that provide benefits.

To get the new Snowbro Gun Buddy in Valorant, all you have to do is play one game in this new game mode. Once your game is finished, you’ll find the Snowbro Gun Buddy waiting for you in your Valorant inventory.

The Snowbro Gun Buddy features a small snowman in a glass sphere that can be attached with any weapon in Valorant as an accessory.

The new game mode will be available to play till December 29th. Make sure to get your Gun Buddy before that date.